‪#‎BobbiKristtinaBrownLaw‬ THE COURT’S SHOULD HAVE BEEN THEIR WITH INTERVENTION We must Change The Law ,Another Precious light is LOST DUE TO A LAW THAT NEEDS AMENDING SAVING OUR YOUNG ADULT’S IF ONLY THE LAW WOULD TRUST PARENTS AND FAMILY MEMBERS ON INTERVENTION RIGHT’S This is devastating for the family everyone wondering what could have been different.The family did all to Save her, My prayer goes out to both families And hope that Better Intervention’s are Put into place (For This Age Group) but when we really look at the courts who may have intervened,but because of Law’s that hurt rather than protect young adult’s.The legal system has failed struggling young adult’s ,who are suffering with addictions and mental health. If parent’s or guardian reach out to protect an 18 —25 year old the Law block’s those concern’s because of their age,they can either accept or refuse treatment or rehab .When parent’s reach out the Law will not favor forced treatment,if the patient is coherant,but therapist should see through some of this. A forced treatment should be a temporary stay for 3 to 6 month’s in a facility if parent’s who know their child and keep them in a safe monitored environment with daily schedule’s therapy and other Medications until their minds are balanced again. The Bobbie Kristina Brown Law should be put in place to Protect that age group, i truly hope the Law is revised and updated ,vulnerable,,‪#‎Nami‬,@Flotus‪#‎MentalHealthAdvocates‬ ‪#‎DrCarlHart‬
We must demand Law’s intervene for this vulnerable age group 18–25
And that the judgement of the Parent or Caregiver is given the top decision inspite of rejection forced short term treatment could mean life or death ‘THE ROSETTA IRVING FOUNDATION
Hey there Karen. Thanks for reaching out to us with this important issue. We agree that this is a heartbreaking occurrence, and that our institutions tend to alienate rather than embrace young adults living with mental health conditions.
In our Public Policy document, we list specific goals for improving the conditions for those in a variety of age groups:…/P…/Public-Policy-Platform_9-22-14.pdf
You may wish to browse Section 4. Services and Supports for Children, Adolescents, Young Adults and Families on page 28, and Section 5. Services and Supports for Adults on page 38.
The best alternatives will be made available when these transitional phases are addressed legally and within social circles to reduce stigma and strengthen quality of care.
Take care, and reach out to us with additional questions/concerns by emailing or by calling our HelpLine number, 800-950-6264(NAMI). We are open Mon-Fri from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm ET. For more information, visit our website at
~ NAMI HelpLine
Prayer for The Brown’s and The Houston’s
Smarter INTERVENTION ” Saving Our Chilldren REPOST
‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ We’ve All got work to do in getting this into Law


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