June Fourth – A Day for Rememberance

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http://www.scmp.com/photos/recent/all/1816858 Credits to South China Morning Post

“Safeguarding Hong Kong in memory of June Fourth Massacre”

26 years ago, a seven-week student-led protest in Tiananmen Square, first triggered by the pass-away of the General Secretary Hu Yaobang, was deplorably ended with brutal military crackdown and heart-wrenching bloodshed.  Lines of military tanks, with bursting of gunfire and bullets, kept crushing towards the protesters.  Students who were calling for liberal political reforms were hopelessly wounded and beaten in torments.  Yet even after more than two decades, we didn’t, and will not, let all this dismaying bygone fall into abyss.  Those teary images in this massacre just sent shiver down our spine.  June Fourth, which is a day that thousands of Hong Kongers gather in the crowds, light the white candles and honour the perished souls.

Instead of participating an yearly candlelight vigil in the Victoria Park as usual, this year I however decided to attend the assembly organised by the Hong Kong University Students’ Union first time…

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