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Surprisingly, I’ve actually managed to keep up on the working out part of my resolution.  I still haven’t written.

I probably should.

I’ve gotten back into reading for fun.  I used to do it all the time as a kid and as a teenager but something possessed me to stop in junior year.  I stopped reading for a while.  This was probably because we had no local library so all my books came from the school’s library – which, at the time, was going through renovations and didn’t reopen until the spring.

Also, junior year was stressful.  Might I remind you of SATs and ACTs and all that crap?  Never mind, you probably don’t want to be reminded.  I don’t blame you.

So I stopped reading (for fun, at least), and didn’t get back into it until maybe the middle of my first year of college.  That might not seem…

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